New Moon on Thursday

As if I’d forget tonight.
This time La Luna, I light my torch and wave it for the
New moon on Thursday
And I’ll dance fire through the night
‘Cos I stayed the whole day with a lonely satellite.

Ewe with nothing to say and me in my autumn sweater.  It’s a new moon in Libra tonight, so I’m sitting on my balcony. Confessing my fears to La Luna. Pondering Unknown Pleasures. Is our almost Space Age Love Song coming to an end? Life on Mars? And the man who sold the world… 
The Moon is my spirit animal. Sometimes she stands out and shines brightly for all to see—like when the Full, Harvest moon fell on my birthday this year—and sometimes she needs to go in blackout mode, have a lie-down and be seen by no one.



Lately, I’ve been feeling such discord. Not in sync. Unbalanced. Unsettled. Unfinished business? I suppose it’s that time of the month again —No I don’t mean The Flo. I just feel like going full blackout mode, staying in bed all day and watching all my favorite films on repeat, trying to make sense of this thing called Life.


As long as you live, how many times? The world will go around.



I wanted you to ask me, how are you, really? But, I couldn’t even begin to think about knowing how to answer that question…


But, Are You Feeling Lost In The World Like Me?


I’m using the pair of vintage binoculars you gave me ::I pretend it’s my magic power::




I may be in the gutter but I’m still looking at the stars.


I’m patient, you see. I know we’re like a book elegantly bound, but, in a language that you can’t read just yet. When I’m using my binoculars, I get to dream of places where lovers have wings and wish the world was flat like the old days. Then you could travel to me just by folding MAPS and we’d solve problems with easy solutions. But, for now, I don’t want you to worry about airplanes or Transatlanticism. I know we’re on distant shores. And, yes, I do want you to send me more than drawings of a man with faithful hands, but, for now, can you just draw me a sheep?


So don’t make a sound
Don’t make a sound.


As palavras proferidas pelo coração não tem língua que as articule, retém-nas um nó na garganta e só nos olhos é que se podem ler.


I know lack of routine bites hard. And ambitions might seem [s]low.
But is our timing really that flawed?


En effet. Quand il est midi aux États-Unis, le soleil, tout le monde le sait, se couche sur l’Espagne. Il suffirait de pouvoir aller en Espagne en une minute pour assister au coucher de soleil. Malheureusement l’Espagne est bien trop éloignée. Mais, sur ta si petite planète, il te suffisait de tirer ta chaise de quelques pas. Et tu regardais le crépuscule chaque fois que tu le désirais…

Tonight for me translates to morning for you

So ewe be ewe, and I’ll spend some time, alone. Allow ewe some space. But, remember, emotions are good. Reminds us we’re alive. Remember you taught me that through Kintsugi. Golden repair, I have new hair.


I just want to know you, without wearing a mask. The good and the not so good. And everything in between. Is that alright with you?


Voici mon secret. Il est très simple: on ne voit bien qu’avec le cœur. L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.



Yet, fresh eyes and absolute beginners are sometimes better than ones who have seen it all.


Mais les yeux sont aveugles. Il faut chercher avec le cœur.


I’m happy. Hope you’re happy too. Me too. Ashes to ashes.


MAPS. Wait.



I know our two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one you less preferred I traveled by.
But I have promises to keep, And miles to go before I sleep.


I must Create and Finish What I Start. I am fearless. Stay Gold Christina. Always remember that.


rebel yell


Oh! But, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. I’ve torn my dress, my face is a mess. I can’t get enough, but maybe this is a test. But for now, there are no means of testing which decision was better, because there is no basis for comparison.


MAPS. Wait. Remember, we’re Absolute Beginners.



I’ve nothing much to offer.
But we’re absolute beginners.
With eyes completely open.


So, imma put on my red shoes.
Let’s dance to our Space Age Love Song



So we can fly over mountains,
and laugh at the ocean.
Just like the films.
There’s no reason
to feel all the hard times.
There are no deadlines.
It’s absolutely true.


As long as you’re still smiling.


Cos when I see your eyes, you make me smile.
Cos when I first saw your eyes, you touched my mind.
Although it took a while.


Cause In my early twenties, I flew to Madrid.
Born in California, I meander through the maze of Madrileño streets.


Working nine to five,
You must’ve realized we weren’t meant to play that game.
When I first caught your eye, that night we first met,
we weren’t on the same page, just yet.


But that night, when we really met, my heart told me to run, but my head told me to stay.


Now, I’m headbanging in the mirror
And, now, I can see so much clearer.


But, now, I’m seeing Madder Red. But I remember bright floating hearts in a fresh cut grass. I’m trying, but, it’s getting hard to believe I’m worth your time. Because lately, I feel like maybe I have wronged you by not being by your side enough. Asking you to play by my rules. It’s just been so long it seems that I’ve never danced with anyone.


Maybe I have been numb.
Please don’t ask me why.


But, when another delay the train passes by, I wonder where I’d be without my words.
I want to believe that all these wasted months, when I was Bored in The USAall our aimless drives, through green aisles,  and when we took back roads down to the ocean, and when we sat on a shoreline, forgetting to tell time, just to sit still, trying to starve the deadline from our minds, meant our time together was worthwhile.


I can still dog-ear every page of our time together. Maybe the universe knew I’d need them again. Cause in memory everything seems to happen to music.


So, we’ll leave these empty pages on the ground, Autumn Walker. I hope the weather holds, but I don’t need the sun to make me shine when I’m with you.


We don’t have to live like astronauts. Our missions can cross. Our satellites don’t have to be out of reach.



Winter is coming, but that’s all right.
I’ll just sit tight, perfecting loneliness, and know you’ll be here soon.

So, MAPS, please consider me.
Let the boats deliver you to me.
When I close my eyes,
drive, captain, drive.
It’s time.


You’re the one I want to watch the ship go down with.
We can’t know if the future is real; I barely know how to a make a moment last

But eye heart ewe, honeybear. Let’s start our lamb sanctuary farm.


If you can’t make it here before the deadline, I understand.

But, draw me a sheep, mi Petit Prince?



– Un jour, j’ai vu le soleil se coucher quarante-trois fois !

Et un peu plus tard tu ajoutais:

– Tu sais… quand on est tellement triste on aime les couchers de soleil…

– Le jour des quarante-trois fois tu étais donc tellement triste ? Mais le petit prince ne répondit pas.


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